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What’s Included?

Hundreds of Guided Meditations, Chants, Mantras and Music

A rare collection of Guided Meditations, Ancient Chants, Vedic Mantras and Blissful Music to enhance your meditation journey.

Collections & Playlists

Sattva curated lists depending on your Mood, Desire or Time of Day, either played in sequence or create your own from your favorites.

Meditate Your Way

Personalise your meditation experience - create your own playlists incorporating your own preferred practice, set yourself meditation-milestones or take up one of Sattva’s challenges to keep you on track.

Meditate in Numbers

Join a global community of meditators - interact, communicate, motivate and meditate together. Join global meditation events or create your own and invite others to be a part of it.

Guided Meditations, Chants, Mantras, Meditation Timer & Tracker

Meditation Has Ancient Roots – So Does Sattva. Discover, explore, immerse and unwind with Sattva, where ancient meets modern in the palm of your hand – to inspire you to meditate every day.