World’s first advanced meditation timer and tracker

Challenges, trophies and guided meditations to inspire you to meditate everyday!

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You can’t improve what you don’t measure - What gets measured, Gets managed! Sattva will help you discover the best version of yourself by inspiring you to meditate regularly!

Free Guided Meditations & Sounds

A growing list of Guided meditations to help you get started!

Meditation Timer

To help you time and track your sessions.

Heart Rate Monitor

To track your heart rate before and after sessions

Mood Tracker

To track your state of mind before and after sessions

Insights Engine

To demonstrate how meditation is improving your life

Challenges & Trophies

To Inspire you and reward you!


Meditation is getting in touch with the source of Life.When we do that,all other tensions & worries fall away.Life becomes intensely joyful.


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